Chili Tuna and Corn Pasta

I love simple recipes that taste good (who does not?). I almost felt embarrassed to post something which was basically "assembled". But then I reckon that simple ideas that give flavor to food would not turn most people away. So, this is my easy Chili Tuna and Corn Fusili for Presto Pasta Nights - this week is back to my favorite blog host, Ruth from Once upon a Feast.

Pasta is always a fall-back for worker bees, in my opinion. When I was working, I was even lazy and tired to fry Chinese green vegetables. What I often do is to blanch them before consumption. Too bland? Mix them as a salad, with a flavored gravy/sauce from another dish.

In this recipe, when the corn kernels and chili tuna are mixed with blanched vegetables and cooked pasta, you get the sweetness from corn, spice and savory from tuna to blend with the natural light flavors of vegetables. The vegetables and pasta absorbs the flavors every well and finally, a well-balanced dish in terms of taste, color and even nutrition.

Chili Tuna and Corn Fusili
Ingredients: Canned tuna; corn kernels, fresh or drained from a can; blanched vegetables, sliced to smaller pieces; cooked fusili (or any shell pasta)

Directions: Place cooked pasta, corn kernels, tuna and vegetables in a deep mixing bowl and mix gently and thoroughly

A little spice walks us through gradually when temperatures start to show signs of dropping for the next few months.

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