Figs(无花果) and Brie Cheese on Crackers

Fig season will be over soon??!?!?! I'm learning to appreciate fresh figs more and more. They are high in dietary fiber, potassium and manganese. While dried figs are available throughout the year, California figs are available from June through September. In Chinese cuisine, dried figs (known as 无花果 ) are usually added in soups to add natural sweetness. I love the fresh and dried figs, almost equally.

One easy snack I make out of fresh figs - small dollops of creamy brie cheese and fresh figs on top of crackers. The textures and flavors of brie and the flesh of fresh figs are...A Perfect Match!

Also remember: when you buy dried figs, get those dried ones which are un-sulfured. My favorite organic stores such as Trader Joes and Whole Foods Markets have un-sulfured dried figs. Of course, get the fresh ones too. I usually get two punnets of fresh ones when they go on sale ($2.99/lb) at Whole Foods.