How to cook instant noodles? WhAat? Do we really need a post for this?

Contrary to believing that cooking instant noodles is (almost) idiot-proof, it is not.

Some see the water to a full boil, add in the noodles, and bring to a re-boil to cook it.
Some add the noodles before the waters comes to a full boil, then further cook it to a boil.
Some (who choose to use the seasoning pack) throw in the seasoning pack at the last of the cooking process.
Some choose NOT to use the seasoning pack.
Some blanch the noodles to rid the "oil" in the noodles (since the noodles might have been pre-fried in the manufacturing process) before adding it to boiling water to cook it again.
Some like to cook the noodles till soft.
Some prefer to cook it "just right' and leave a springy texture to the noodles (equivalent to al-dente)

I like to cook my instant noodles this way: Do without the seasoning pack and drop an egg to the noodles when the noodles are half-cooked. Lightly stir the egg into the noodles till both noodles and egg are just cooked. No soft mushy overcooked noodles for me, please!