Chinese Steamed Chicken - Gojiberry, Mushrooms, Ginger, Green Onions

As I write, I am pleased to tell you that I am into the last 25% of my book! I have been so busy the past eight months - researching, experimenting and writing. I am not done at this time as I believe my publisher needs the entire full draft to be in, before I begin the "nightmare" of editing my own work. More details to be revealed later.

Life continues no matter how busy. And I always turn to no-fail recipe like this Chinese Steamed Chicken dish. First, it REALLY takes not much time to cook. Second, you do not REALLY have to "eyeball" the cooking process - i.e. once you put it to steaming, you can REALLY perform other task such as watching TV, or reading a magazine, hahahha.....Of course, such a dish is definitely delicious, REALLY.

Chinese Steamed Chicken
Ingredients: 6 small chicken drumlettes; 6 thin slices of ginger; 1 green onion, sliced into finger length; 2-3 white or brown fresh mushroom caps, thinly sliced; 1 tbsp gojiberry, pre-soaked in some water; [Marinade]: 1-2 tbsp Chinese cooking wine, 1 tsp sesame oil; pinch of salt and white pepper

Directions: Marinate chicken and set aside for at least 30 minutes. Place the marinated chicken on a plate and then garnish generously with green onions, ginger, mushrooms and gojiberry.

OK. While I put this to steam for 15 minutes, I am off writing my book. Such a recipe can allow me to multi-task. WOO-HOO!

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