Pan-Seared Scallops with Noodles

You pan seared the scallops on a flat pan. You set the scallops aside. The used pan is "perfumed" with a trail of scallop flavor. Next, you eat the scallops. Then, wash the pan. Wait!?!? Wash the pan??!?!? How can you do that? Detergent and leftover (stains and drops) scallop "juice" don't mix. But some water and cooked noodles may do the magic trick.

I may sound complicated and even shady but I am not. What I am detailing to you below - is to utilize the scallops to the max. OPTIMIZATION. NO WASTAGE...even to the last drop of scallop "juice" that maintains its seafood "unami" till the end. You will know what I mean. The "sticky" remains in the pan after searing the scallops. What can you do with it? And so what is the recipe?

Pan-Seared Scallops with Simmered Noodles
Ingredients: Scallops, lightly dab with kitchen paper towels, then season with salt and black pepper on both side; Noodles, cooked and set aside (note: use somen noodles for its soft noodle texture and quick-cook characteristics); some water

Directions: Add some cooking oil to the pan and when heated, add the scallops and cook each side for 2-3 minutes, till scallops turns from slightly opaque to white (note: do not overcook the scallops). Set scallops aside. After pan-searing the scallops, you will see some leftover scallop "juice" left in the pan. Add some water to dilute the juice, also "scraping" some charred scallop remains sticking on the pan into the "milky mixture". When simmering, add in the noodles (note: you can also add some blanched Chinese vegetables into the simmering noodles) and mix the noodles with the "sauce". You will notice the noodle mixture thickening in the "sauce" and that is normal. Gently simmer the noodles till all the scallops "sauce" is absorbed and voila, your pan is clean! Scoop out the noodles into serving bowls and top the noodles with scallops.

Scallops contain minerals (phosphorous, magnesium), vitamins(vitamin B12 - an important nutrient for cardiovascular health) and essential fatty acids (omega 3 fatty acids that prevent the formation of blood clots). easy and delicious scallop noodles for Presto Pasta Nights hosted by the original creator this week, Ruth of Once Upon a Feast. For scallop lovers, this is for you. ^0^

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