How to wrap wonton dumplings - Video

Does this remind you of traditional Chinese gold ingots (金元宝, pronounced jin yuan bao) ?
Now, it is time to "showcase" how these little wontons, dumplings gems are wrapped (Click "Play" in the video clip below). I promise I would in this post. Though I enjoy gyoza for its crisp dumpling bottom, I absolutely love boiled dumplings and favor them for the simplicity of preparation and cooking. With boiled dumplings, I can dump them in all kinds of soups and create so many comfort meals such as Wontons in Chicken Soup, Spicy Wontons - Wontons in Korean Stew and Wontons in Cabbage Soup. Of course, the dumpling fillings can have thousands of variations ( I exaggerated, or did I?). So you can imagine the variety of exciting comforting meals you can have. Click "Play" in the video clip below.

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