Easy Shrimps and Prawns Recipes

Prawns - what we usually call in Asia, or Shrimps - as termed in the United States, are one of the easiest seafood to cook. And I love shrimps anytime, especially when they are fresh! I have another easy recipe for a scrumptious shrimp dish (coming up soon...). Other than steaming like this... ...with ginger, Chinese cooking wine, egg white - then sometimes garnished with sliced red chili, sometimes garnished with gojiberries;

there are other ways of cooking them easy.

What is your preferred way of cooking shrimps? And can you guess how I cook my next shrimp dish? Don't get complicated and dwell too deep.

As the Cantonese says Har when talking shrimps, I hope the coming new year will bring lots of cheer and happiness to you. Eat shrimps and go HaHaHa! Live. Life. Happy.

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