Vegetarian recipes - of lettuce stems, hairy gourd, pumpkin

Happy New Year!

You have over-eaten during the holidays. I give you a marathon remedy of vegetarian dishes. No gluten (fake meat), no excess grease. Oops but there is egg in one dish!

Clockwise from top left: Stir fry leaves of lettuce stems, stir fry pumpkin, stir fry stem of lettuce stems with tofu slices, stir fry hairy gourd (毛瓜, MoGua) slices with eggs and basil.

Oh no no no...ok ok...just what are lettuce stems ? (I saw lettuce stems in Ranch99- an Asian supermarket in the USA). If I have said celtuce, would that have been better? Now I need to do more googling and binging. Or if you already know, drop me your comments.

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