Beef Burger, Black Pepper Sauce, and Onions = Prosperity !

Scrolling to the bottom of my front page, I found that it has been "meatless" for the past five to six posts!! Certainly, I have not turned vegetarian and probably never will, as the other one with me needs meat. Here comes...a meat post. ^o^

Weirdly enough, I only have my Mcdonald's fix outside the United States - a case where the non-USA franchisees taste better. Ditto Burger King and Carls Junior. Wendy's just made a comeback to Singapore recently and I don't think I will get a chance to try it. The Singapore media glamored it (overhype, maybe?)  - I have not stepped into any Wendys in the US as far as I can remember.

And because there are really better burgers (St. Johns Bar and Grill right smacked at where I stay in Sunnyvale and In-N-Out Burgers throughout California) in the United States, I don't really crave for Mcdonalds, Burger King and Carls Junior in the States.

To call itself a Prosperity Burger can only be something happening in Asia. The Prosperity Burger is a special menu item currently in Singapore's Mcdonalds, due to the festive season ever since New Year in Jan, and awaiting Chinese New Year in Feb.

It tastes quite ok, something different for once, a change once in a while. The packaging says it all - a burger of beefy goodness and spiced up with black pepper sauce and onions.

Remember? I wrote about Mcdonalds in Taiwan offering Multigrain Burger; and KFC in Taiwan offering Portugese Egg Tarts. I remember Mcdonalds Nasi Lemak and Chicken Congee in Singapore too. You can always check out my "chomp chomp" in Taiwan and Singapore.

What is the most memorable or festive goodie offered by your local Mcdonalds, KFC, Burger King or any popular fast-food chain ?

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