Monday, January 25, 2010

Marrow Squash equals Luffa equals Loofah - oh, names...

The verdict is out! Some who CAN take raw bean sprouts and some just can't. Some (ME!) who need the "roots" to be (preferably) picked and some who are not as fussy as me. Such is this world where nothing and nobody is to everyone's liking. How about loofah? Do you...

Love ya at an arm's length" ? My feature of today - Luf-fa at an arm's length ? Errmmm...almost an arm.

While I usually call it luffa or loofah, it tags the other name of marrow squash in the supermarkets of Singapore. I have recipes, tips and more easy recipes coming up soon. Well, the only complaint I have is: marrow squash is not a very "economical" vegetable to buy (esp. when sold "by weight") since you need to peel off that tough coat (inedible) to expose the edible "softee" inside. I usually have to buy three arm-length's marrow squash to feed about two. Not worth the penny you pay for the entire vegetable but still not an expensive vegetable I must say.

Hmmm.....pinch of salt, handful of florets, sliced to finger-length, buying arm-length marrow squash. ..anymore? Do you have big concerns over recipes that calls for such description in quantity: since her finger might be longer than your finger; and your handful might be smaller than her handful?:p

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