Cooking tips: Sweet pea shoots, 清炒豆苗的秘诀

Oyster sauce or any other common stir-frying sauce will not do the magic, especially when stir-frying these sweet pea shoots (豆苗, Dou Miao). If you like garlic, add them. But that ingredient (or seasoning) that makes your home stir-fry sweet pea shoots taste "restaurant-style" is Chinese Cooking (Huadiao/Shaoxing) Wine! Yes yes! Is that considered a secret?

I'm sharing some tips and secrets of making the perfect pea shoots stir-fry, over at Weekend Herb Blogging and this week, we have our host, Susan at The Well-Seasoned Cook.

Of course, we need: Oil. High Heat. Chinese Cooking Wine.

Further, to ensure the sweet pea shoots not too fibrous when cooked:

(1) No Overcooking.

(2) Do not store the shoots in the refrigerator for too long. Use it almost immediately (perhaps less than 3 days) after purchase . When stored for too long, sweet pea shoots lose the tender firm (crisp) texture. It gets too fibrous - hard to chew after they are cooked.

(3) Also, pluck away those "curly shoots"

Share your tips and secrets with us.

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