Home recipes for balanced nutritious meals - what I eat, my dad eats

While my parents' helper was away for 2 weeks in the month of January and I happened to be in town for a visit, I decided to take over and cook lunch for my father (yes, my father has the luxury of lunch-ing at home as a semi-retiree). No special staging - I cook what I always would at home (sometimes, rice or porridge with side dishes; and sometimes one-dish meals of rice, noodles and pasta). With the red cargo and brown rice grains that I interchangeably cooked as congee (porridge) and rice, there are a couple of side dishes I also prepared.

Side dishes for Congee (Rice Porridge); clockwise from top-left: Chayote Salad, Steamed Brussel Sprouts seasoned with salt, black pepper and cumin, Stir-fry Cabbage and Carrot and Wok-Fry Shrimps with ginger and green onions.

Side sides with Rice; clockwise from top-left: Aloo (potatoes) Gobi (cauliflower), Roasted Honey-Spice Chicken Wings, Bok Choy.

Do you think it is a balanced and nutritious meal ?

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