Lemongrass Prawns (Shrimps) à la mode Sugarcane Prawns

I enjoy eating sugarcane prawns (shrimps), very fond indeed. The use of lemongrass is such a god-send, as lemongrass is more easily available in the supermarkets. You could get sugarcane in the traditional wet markets too, but well, my preference lies in convenience.

This is good utilization of the remaining top-half of lemongrass especially after the bottom white half of lemongrass is typically used. Helpless no more - "I can be a naturally perfumed skewer". ^o^

Hold on to the lemongrass skewer, start smelling the lemongrass fragrance even before nibbling on the shrimp cakes. Continue sniffing that citrus aroma on your little fingers....linger...linger...lemongrass fingers.... I don't even want to wash my hands now.

The recipe is from My Kitchen Snippets. I adapted it a little, sans the garlic and fish sauce. I also do not have a food processor to grind all those ingredients - instead I use a heaver Chinese chopper/cleaver to mince the shrimps, green onions and cilantro, red chili; then mix the shrimp paste mixture with egg white, pinch of salt, sugar and pepper in a deep mixing bowl; and started molding and shaping that shrimp cake onto the lemongrass skewer.

Perfect starters! You will get a WOW!

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