Chicken (Green Onions) Macaroni - Soup Leftover Revival !

There is nothing new. I adore chicken soup and has been gradually more fond of it. I do many versions of chicken soup lately and seldom have leftovers. If bumped into leftovers, I like to "freshen" it within days (less than a week) by making another simple one-disher. Macaroni always calls me home.Am I a kid or what?

A little (garnish idea) goes a long way. I remember having Japanese Ramen with lots and lots of green onions, so nothing is simpler than reviving a leftover chicken soup by using lots and lots of green onions and make the chicken soup taste a little different (but still good) on the next day.

So there is chicken macaroni soup with green onions garnish; and chicken macaroni soup with green onions as the star ingredient.

Chicken and Green Onions Macaroni Soup
Recipe (Ingredients and Directions) available here. A lot of green onions are added for this, that's all.

There is also chicken macaroni soup that I love to garnish with red chili slices and fried shallots. good. Leftover Presto Pasta Nights goodness Served with Love (this week's host).

What is your favorite way of garnishing a good chicken soup, if you really bother to garnish? ^o^

Holy Macaroni,
This is one comfort food for me;
Carrots and celery do some trick,
There is no secret and hidden tip.

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