Vegetable Biryani (Briyani) + Giveway in Fan Club

Other than the Chinese food I whipped up for my dad, I also cooked vegetable biryani when their helper was away. I have cooked vegetable biryani many times (I love Indian food! I must say biryani is one of the easiest, most fragrant one-dish rice meal) and it even got the thumbs-ups from my Indian friend.

The point is - I learn this recipe from this same Indian friend's mom who told him the ingredients (only ingredients, no quantity given) over the phone; and my friend passed it down to me through a separate conversation. I am not sure about the misses in this recipe while passing the "parcels". I did some reconstructions along the way, piecing up the vegetables, spices and the estimated quantity I would need in proportion to one another. Well, it was a hit at the end! No misses. ^o^

Vegetable Biryani/Briyani
- you cook the entire dish start to finish on the stove-top -- are you this ?
- you partially cook the dish on the stove-top and finish it off in the rice cooker -- or this ?
- you cook the entire dish in the rice cooker... -- or this ?

oh YES...did I say the entire dish in the rice cooker? This will be one recipe featured in my upcoming cookbook, Fall 2010 (August 2010)  - The Everything Rice Cooker Cookbook.

For now, let my dad enjoy this dish...

In conjunction with the cookbook, join my Facebook Fan Club - An Escape to Food - and win a giveaway. Details will follow in the Fan Club.

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