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What is this? Giveaway Day = Labor Day ? In the US, we "labor" in the month of September but in some parts of the world such as Singapore, we "labor" on May Day which is...May 1st. Meaning...we take a day off from work to blog and take part in giveaways. ^o^

Not to disappoint those who are not residing in the US and Canada thus not eligible for the CSN Stores Giveaway, there are giveaways which are "international" - have you missed that? Starting with what ends first:

"International" Giveaway, ends Apr 30, 2010, 23.59 (PST): The "mystery gift" awaits there. But as May Day Bonus, leave your comments in this post and get additional (random) entry.

"International" Giveaway, ends Sep 30, 2010, 23.59 (PST): A cookbook giveaway (refer contest rules here) that includes recipes for Shrimp Cakes and Biryani. Make fabulous condiments, crowd-pleasing snacks, appetizers , innovative one-dish meals and more!

Some of you were asking me for the Shrimp Cake recipe but gotta wait for my cookbook (less than 6 months away). It is doable - you can fry these patties IN YOUR RICE COOKER...

These "rice-cooker patties" may not be as "browned" as those pan-fried ones though equally delicious.

Tell me anything about your rice cooker: fuzzy logic or conventional "2-button"? brand/model? like it? how often do you use it? what do you use it for? or do you even own one?

A super-lucky you may just win a $60 gift certificate to buy a rice cooker, go grocery shopping with the "mystery gift", and start cooking vegetarian biryani, easy breezy, in the rice cooker.

Then continue the lucky streak to win a fabulous sampler at MarxFood. Contest, ends May 4th at noon! Don't forget.
I'm trying to put my mom's pantry on steroids!

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