Kaffir Lime Leaf makes Thai Shrimp Cakes, 泰式虾饼

Kaffir lime leaf is like twins - identical yet different. I'm talking about the two leaves joined together: one leaf is oval and longer compared to the upper section. Together, the leaves are several inches long (though they can come in various sizes). When fresh, these leaves are shiny and bright green, rich with natural oils *rub rub* ....*smell your fingers*

While sometimes you can find Kaffir Lime Leaves being sold fresh in the produce section of Asian/Chinese stores and markets, it is also likely to be found in the freezer section. Frozen Kaffir Lime Leaves keep quite well from several months to a year, and require minimal thawing before use (so this is a great way to keep them handy and available in your kitchen!). Of course, the aroma from fresh leaves is still the best. When I found Kaffir Lime Leaves (where the rest of the herby stuff can be found) in my local Whole Foods at Cupertino and Mountain, my...was I happy for that whole day. I can make this...I will do that. Yay! So what did I make? This!

Easy-to-make, delicious-to-eat Thai Shrimp Cakes!

Note 1: Whole lime leaves are not meant to be eaten, but merely added for extra flavor and aroma -be sure to warn your guests about this if you have cooked them a stew or curry, or there will be a lot jaw exercising going on! Else, remove whole leaves after cooking and surely, this will be much more pleasurable for the guests.

Note 2: If intended to be consumed, be sure to finely mince the leaves so that it does not become such a chore biting the leaves while chewing the food. I had to do that in the Thai Shrimp Cakes.

Sending off the aroma of kaffir lime leaf to Katie from Eat This! who is the host for Weekend Herb Blogging this week.

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