Homemade mango chutney. Homegrown alfalfa. Fish. Little mystery gift.

Me: I wish I had a 3888 sq ft backyard.
The "Devil" in Me: Hey, you do not need a backyard to do this.

Me: I wish I had a small patio or balcony.
The "Devil" in Me: Again, you do not need these to grow this.

Me: Ok. Can't I just dream and wish? Give me a pot!
The "Devil" in Me: A jar or any recycled "wide-mouth" "see-through" bottle will do.

Legume growing process...

In 6 days, my Alfalfa sprouted beautifully...

High protein content and highly digestible fiber sprouts, Alfalfa Sprouts must be one of the easiest plant to grow: I don't even need soil. Oh well, an elementary (or even a pre-school) kid may already know this. But for once, without any space to grow fruits and vegetables/herbs, I could grow something and bring it to the dinner table. A first for me. Alfalfa Sprouts tend to smell and taste like "grass" (raw taste) - like bean sprouts. In a garnish of teeny weeny bit, it is acceptable for me. I am sending Alfalfa (a family of legumes) to Ruchikacooks for My Legume Love Affair 22.

Pan-seared salt-and-pepper fish fillet, topped with homemade mango chutney (recipe will be available soon) and homegrown alfalfa sprouts.

The mango chutney recipe can be found in my new cookbook. Can you imagine cooking chutney in the rice cooker? And I must be enjoying mangoes with fish a lot. I like mango salsa on salmon cakes and mango salsa on pan-fried halibut. How about you?

Mystery Gift? Leave your comments - how do you like to cook your fish - grill, bake, steam, fry etc. and how do you like to enjoy it - with vegetables? rice? potatoes? with or without sauces? what kind of sauces? pesto, salsa, soy sauce etc. From now till 30 April (PST), tell me about it and I will pick a random winner after 30 April (PST), for a "little mystery gift from my heart"! It is not the most expensive giveaway but certainly meaningful, hopefully.

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