Mango chutney (rice cooker recipe available soon) and MarxFood (caption contest giveaway)

Time out! I want to interfere my postings with a contest ("Continue Reading" below...for the caption contest, ending 19 April 2010, happening in MarxFood).

Do continue to leave me your comments at my homemade mango chutney and homegrown alfalfa sprouts post for that little "mystery gift" (Definitely, it is NOT going to be mango chutney)

The mango chutney used here was made using the rice cooker and the recipe will be available in the upcoming (August 2010) cookbook. By the way, I have created a "Blog Giveaway" on the right-hand column so that such giveaways/happenings become "stickys" in my homepage ^o^

I am quite a puppy lover so I must share this with my friends and readers about this caption contest going on at Caption Contest Hungry Hungry Puppy. Reading those entries can jolly well start my weekend with a laughing bang! The contest ends by 9AM PST on Monday, April 19th. So...what are you thinking? What are you waiting for?
What am I thinking? Enter your best caption for a chance to win a delicious prize.

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