Cookie Dough, Healthy Snacks, Fundraising

I am quite out-of-touch in modern ways of fundraising. When I was a child attending school, I only knew two standard ways to fundraise. One was the Flag-Day when we students carried small little round tins(for putting in the donation money) and stickers(or flags, handed out to the supporters); and we would station at areas with moving crowds e.g. outside the train stations, outside popular shopping malls, asking for donation money. Then, 20 cents was the common denomination in exchange for one small sticker. When any of us saw $50 dollar note going into our tins, it was like "who is this kind or rather strange soul?", making the lucky one so egoistically happy as the student with the most donation. Of course, another fund-raising activity (or "inactivity") was to bring a donation card home; and that is when Mom, Dad, relatives, friends had to chip in and help. That was like - whoever has the larger and more well-off social network gets the most donations!

I bet there are more interesting ways of easy fundraising now. A cookie dough fundraising will certainly sound fun. In exchange of funds, your supporters get gourmet cookie dough - they could bake oven-fresh cookies that can be enjoyed by family and friends - sharing the meaning of donation with more people and a larger community. Personally, I will choose to be a cookie dough fundraiser than be part of lollipop fundraisers just because I am not quite a fan of lollipops. But that is just me. Why worry if there are so many other fundraising ideas such as using Healthy Snacks in exchange for funds raised. Whichever type of organization you belong to, there is no lack of ideas to run through.