Willow (Tea Tree) Mushrooms 茶树菇 - God of Mushrooms?

I love it when some of my ingredients-necessities go on sale and love it even more when gourmet ingredients are on promotional discounts (that translates to savings!). And definitely weakens the force of barrier (thrifty buyer like moi) to try something different once in a while. Got the above - fresh Willow Mushrooms (also known as Tea Tree Mushroom, 茶树菇) from the local supermarket for about SGD3.45(USD2.50) and when I wanted to buy them again after a few weeks, they were no longer in the stores. :(

I have not tried a wide-range of mushrooms though I would love to. The unique varieties seem  forever steep so I always fall back to shitake, oyster, , enoki, white or brown crimini - which is actually good enough (easily available and affordable too) where nutritional benefits is concerned. When it comes to extracting these benefits, it is about regular (moderate) consumption, not as if consuming them ONCE will bestow us with magic powers?! Yes, needs to be a$$ordable for regular use. I don't think my philosophies and ideas are conflicting?

I don't think Willow Mushrooms are priced at the supreme end of mushrooms but it is known to be so wonderful that some people call it the God of Mushrooms - 神菇. Oh really?! Jolly well so if sources indicate that this mushroom variety contains 17 of the 22 standard amino acids required of our body, INCLUDING that 8 essential amino acids. It also contains plenty of minerals and those anti-cancer properties that most mushrooms would boast of. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) also regards these mushrooms as neutral food (not extremely "heaty" or cooling), nourishes the Qi (energy) of the body, boost immunity, and anti-aging properties if consumed regularly.

These were some mushroom memories in Taiwan...

and hopefully this summer, I can re-do the Sonoma County Farm Trails in California, including mushroom farms as well.

With mushrooms, this is an older recipe for Cooking to Combat Cancer, Year #4. I cook it quite often with easily available and affordable ingredients. Thought of sharing it with some of my new readers.

Of course, there are also cabbage and mushrooms recipes. Easy and all healthful regulars at home!

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