Savory breads, buns and bakes

Uniquely shaped store-bought bakery bread never fail to entice me. Especially when it is savory fillings such as chicken curry, black pepper chicken, ham and cheese, I am not fickle-minded when tasked during selection time. I usually buy them at the first minute! Just like what I did when I saw this spicy savory "ice-cream cone" bread.

Imagine a ordinary bread bun with spicy dried shrimps fillings (locals call it "Hei Bi Hiam"), sprinkles of baked cheese on the bread surface, wrapped at the end with seaweed (nori) sheet.

I love every part of it!

Lucky "ingot" bread

"Spaceship" or "Alien-head" bread

I leave inspiration for all of you who enjoy baking bread :)

My first time spotting the spicy savory "ice-cream cone" bread goes to Friday Firsts /


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