Black Glutinous Rice Porridge dessert - Bubur Pulut Hitam

Aren't we amazed by the variety....

Spot the black glutinous rice in the outermost ring...

I use that to make Pulut Hitam, also known as Bubur Pulut Hitam in Malaysia and Singapore.

In Malay: "Burbur" means Porridge; "Pulut" means Glutinous Rice; "Hitam means Black. This is a Black Glutinous Rice Porridge dessert, often topped with coconut cream/milk.

Yes, it is sweet (not the type of congee you would eat with savory dishes). In Hokkien dialect, we call it Or Jook (Black Porridge). With it being black, do you sense the presence of iron? But I'm quite sure it means "heaty" food too.

Seriously, I am tired of typing out recipes at this time...after 300 recipes in my cookbook. Forgive me. If you need the recipes, my cookbook will be out soon or you can email me for the specifics. Whenever I can, I will have recipes posted, for sure.

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