Potato Cheese Egg-Pancake-Omelette, rice-cooker ready!

It's hard to keep it under wraps for too long when most of you have guessed it (partially) right in this post. Well, it was not so wholesome as many have thought. No vegetables (cauliflower)! Nope. I thought it look like the popular street food of Singapore - Chai Tow Kway. Yes, Denise of Quickies on the Dinner Table, we, in Singapore, are geared in the same Chai Tow Kway direction. But it is not. The egg is pretty obvious. Then I had two other "yellow" food that goes with the egg.

Deconstructing it...

A rough mash of boiled potatoes("yellow" food) with butter, green onions, salt and black pepper

The potato mash atop the "cooking-in-progress" egg omelette in the rice cooker, then topped with cheese slices(the next "yellow" food) and finally garnished with cilantro. Let the egg cook completely and wait till the cheese melts before serving...

TADA!....Potato Cheese Egg-Pancake-Omelette: it is actually potatoes (carbs) on egg, topped with melted cheese. A savory egg-pancake-omelette.

You can find the recipe in my upcoming cookbook :)  ...more techniques and details of making this will be revealed then.

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