Fish "en papillote" with celery, carrot, ginger, mushrooms

Voting for Singapore Blog Awards 2010 has ended and this big event is taking place 10th July 2010, next Saturday, with the results announcement. But I will be traveling during this time and too bad... will be missing this event. Miss it by just a week! Anyway, good luck to all the finalists, "thank you" to the organizers and sponsors. Have a blast!

Now back to some unglam-affair here...tsk tsk...

The snakehead fish (San Yee, in Cantonese; 生鱼- Sheng Yu, in Mandarin) is good for healing wounds without much scarring from the wound. The usual practice is for Chinese to cook this fish in soups or congee (rice porridge). Sometime, San Yee Fish Soup is also consumed by patients who have just undergone operation/surgery.

However, I tried to be adventurous, fillet the fish like a butterfly, season the fish with some salt, white pepper and cooking wine; then stuff some aromatics (pre-fried thin shreds of garlic, ginger, celery, carrots, shitake mushrooms) into fish parcels,

to have them steamed...


The taste is alright (the fish choice was not totally correct, however) and the texture is less than perfect (still pointing finger to the fish choice). Somehow, the fish was still fishy after using cooking wine which would usually rid some of the fishy smell.

The inspiration was from en papillote though I was not thinking of baking in parcels. I was more into the colorful veggies which always go into the parcel with the fish. So, de-constructed it a little to cater for my steamed version.

I need to pick a better fish to work with next time. Hope the idea works for you though.

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