Steamed Ginger Egg Custard, 姜汁炖蛋

Fancy a smooth-top mirror-finished egg custard...

and knowing when the egg custard is set...

There are tips for smooth-top mirror-finished egg custard which includes:

(1) Straining the whisked egg through a sieve to remove egg-white strands and foam. It will
improve the quality and texture of the egg

(2) Covering the bowl or ramekin containing the egg with foil or plastic wrap while steaming - to prevent condensation from steam and water droplets dripping to the steaming egg

Traditionally, the "toothpick" method checks if a cake is completely baked (clean toothpick= done). However, we try not to do it for an egg custard.

Or I will be pock-faced!

We have to be
(3) Strict to steaming-time and not frequently opening the cover of the pan/pot while steaming. Yes. No Peeping!!

And Don't Do This!

This is not Crème Caramel or Flan but I find it quite similar (especially the texture of very smooth egg custard) to the Steamed Milk Pudding Dessert (蛋白炖鲜奶) that is very popular in Hong Kong.

Picture left: steamed milk pudding with egg white - a warm dessert. Right: a similar steamed milk pudding - egg yolks added.

See how they sell the showcase of steamed milk pudding....amazing!

It is not difficult to make your own steamed milk pudding. I made another version Steamed Ginger Egg Custard (姜汁炖蛋) at home. The only "tool" you need is a steamer (of course, rice cooker with steamer insert, works too).

Do you have tips and secrets to share in making egg custard (including flan, crème caramel) so very SMOOTH ? Come share with us.

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