Chinese Meat Sauce in Everything Rice Cooker Cookbook: Pasta

There is a Pasta section in my cookbook with simple recipes you can do with your rice cooker. Once you learn the trick of boiling pasta in the rice cooker, you have opened the doors to a simple delicious one-dish pasta meal. Whip up a delicious pasta sauce such as Marinara Sauce or even a fusion pasta sauce like this Chinese Meat Sauce (Page 102 of the cookbook), and be on the way to create your own pasta sauce.

Making the Meat Sauce in the rice cooker:

Recipe can be found in my cookbook.

On a side-note, I believe this dish is very common in many Asian households just like the Green Bean Omelette Egg Fritters. We often eat such stir-fried (then slightly simmered) meat dishes with Asia staple: rice or congee. Of course, if you can spice it up a little, it can even be your Zhajiang noodles. And as kids, such dishes easily whet our appetite as it is pleasingly savory-sweet and has easy-to-chew textures. Bonus? The sauce/gravy is so appetizingly tasty that we want to soak our rice or congee in it.

The Chinese Meat Sauce is ready...for steamed rice, warm congee, and noodles - your wish!

Have you eaten this when you were much younger? If not, tell me the everyday dish you have eaten in your family while growing up.

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