Rice Cooker Soup-Stocks in The Everything Rice Cooker Cookbook

It was less than five years ago when I found that root vegetables: celery, carrots and onions are common in soup-stocks (chicken-stock, and/or vegetable stock). I don't remember Chinese adding such vegetables in their chicken stock. The only ingredients I recalled often used by Chinese are ginger and green onions and probably chicken bones/carcass when making chicken stock  (or even soups). Of course, there are many "secret" ingredients used by Chinese chefs and cooks the same, such as ikan bilis (江鱼仔, dried anchovies), and soy beans (黄豆).

What's in your stock?

Chicken Stock in the making

Yes. To my chicken stock goes: chicken carcass/bones; and I like to add celery, carrots and onions. And very often now, I enjoy adding tomatoes (Note: small amounts relative to other ingredients - sometimes just three wedges can be magic!) and cabbage (green cabbage or napa cabbage works for me). Then ginger, green onions and garlic too.

If you find cooking pasta and meat sauce a challenge in your rice cooker, maybe stock-making will start you easy. You will find some rice-cooker-friendly soup-stocks in my cookbook. Remember...it is not the recipe details...it is the ideas you can open up to. ^0^

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