Braised Falafel with Winter-Melon

This was made using store-bought "meatless" (falafel-type) meatballs from Trader Joes - you can never imagine you can cook this with winter melon, combining the ingredients of two totally different cuisines.

Well, of course you can make your own REAL (non-vegetarian) meatballs when you cook this dish.

Braised Falafel with Winter-Melon
I did not cook this. My friend did. So I am not posting the recipe here. Anyway, there was no exact recipe to follow. She started with lightly stir-frying the winter melon, then added some water/broth to simmer and when winter melon starts to turn soft and tender, add in the store-bought meatballs and allow them to simmer with the winter melon. Salt and pepper to taste if you need. (Note: When the meatballs simmer with the winter melon, the flavors (and savory) of the meatballs have infused into the winter melon mixture and we did not even use any more salt). Some white pepper to spice the dish up a little, yes.

Store-bought + fresh ingredients: does it sound like Sandra Lee's Semi-Homemade? Yikes! But I don't like her show. Oops! I do like this dish cooked by my friend though. Friday Firsts /

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