Kale-Melon-Berry Yogurt Popsicles

The last ice popsicle this summer?

For me, personally, these kale ice pops (popsicles) are better than kale chips. I usually make smoothie out of kale and other fruits but decided to make some yogurt-based kale ice popsicles one day.

This is a slight deviation from Dr. Oz Green Monster Drink.  What did I use (or deviate):

Cook's Note: Learn to read your yogurt label. Make sure the major components in your yogurt are Milk and Live Cultures. I do not like aspartame (and/or other sweeteners) in my yogurt. Honey is ok but other sweeteners, preferably not. Also, I do not like low-fat dairies (low-fat milk taste like water! don't you think so?). I enjoy my whole milk and plain whole milk yogurt. :)  oops!
Raspberry-Kale Yogurt Smoothie Ice Pops
Organic Whole Milk Plain Yogurt (or Greek Yogurt)

The result is amazing!

Tip: To make it visually more pleasing and attractive, keep some raspberries whole and do not blend in the food processor/blender. Add these raspberries to the bottom of the popsicles molds, squirt some honey over these whole raspberries, before pouring in the yogurt-smoothie mixture. Then, freeze for at least 8 hours!

If summer is already over to enjoy cold treats, don't worry. There is always next summer :)

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