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A Review, sponsored by CSN Stores
I am excited. In addition to a review (sponsored by CSN Stores) coming up in the next month or two, there is also a giveaway I will be holding. YOU GOTTA STAY TUNED. CSN Stores are well-stocked in everything from fabulous cookware to elegant wardrobes. Being a budget-conscious shopper, I am always looking for good deals in their cookware section and I know I can really enjoy some savings if I look closely, especially at closeout sales and promotions.

Secrets to Eternal Grapes. Huh?
I have been eating too many cantaloupes this summer. I prefer cantaloupe (orange-fleshed) to honeydew (pale-green-fleshed). How about you?

Both melons have similar nutritional profile but cantaloupe has more vitamin C and beta-carotene compared to honeydew. Throughout summer, these melons were getting cheap to cheaper and me, happy to happier. I thought 77cents for 1 cantaloupe was cheap (I bought it); then till following week in the same grocery store: 49cents per cantaloupe (I bought again). Then few weeks later, 3 cantaloupes for $1 (How could I resist?). Too many cantaloupes I have eaten. I need change. Summer is officially over anyway.

I turn to grapes. How about dark-colored (red or black) vs green grapes? Which do you like?

When you eat grapes with seeds, do you spit out the seeds? Grape seeds are highly valuable for their content of essential fatty acids and vitamin E, which protect your skin, blood vessel and nerve cells from free radical attacks.

Why did I ask about choosing between dark-colored (red, purple, black) vs lighter-colored (green) grapes? According to acclaimed sources, red and black colored grapes are prized for Resveratrol, a natural anti-pathogenic compound found on the skin of dark skinned grapes (also in other fruits and vegetables with reddish pigment). Deeply purple or black grapes contain the highest concentration of resveratrol and thus, your top choices for health.

Anti-aging.Anti-inflammation. Cancer prevention. Bam Bam Bam! Resveratrol has been proven to have several health promoting benefits and more benefits you could ever imagine.

But hardly we eat the seeds and vines of these grapes which are nutrients-concentrated. Thus, the benefit of drinking red wine in which the fermentation process helps release resveratrol from the cell walls of the skin and seeds, multiplying its bioavailability by the hundreds.Good news for red wine lovers :).

BUT, if you do not enjoy the alcohol content, there are now fruit chews that touts the essence of resveratrol.

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