Love magazines from Amazon + Foodgal & Mrs. Multitasker...thank you

My Magazine Spree
This urge for magazines has always been in me but I have been controlling myself not to buy them (I can just hide in a bookstore and browse through my favorite magazines without purchasing them. I know I am a cheapskate). I started wanting "to own" some magazines when I received a year's free supply of Living - by Martha Stewart early last year. Don't ask me why I got it free cos I don't even know (suspected it was from leaving behind some names/contacts somewhere). After the supply of free magazines ended, I decided: "Maybe it's time to get something for myself, if it is really not too expensive?").

I do enjoy reading online but old non-digital-media embracing me also enjoy flipping the actual magazine. These magazines are easy to bring along whenever I travel and kinda therapeutic in helping me fight boredom in a long-haul flight. Well, it may seems senseless purchase to some of you but I have been on a magazine spree since last Thanksgiving.Yes...when I got myself a USD5.00/year (12 issues) subscription deal on Real Simple. It is like just about 50cents per issue. How could I resist? I got 2 (1-year) magazine subscriptions during last Thanksgiving - Real Simple and SmartMoney.

Then just last week, my hands got itchy again when I spotted some good deals over at Amazon. Got myself into another two (1-year) magazine subscriptions - FastCompany ($5/year for 12 issues) and Good Housekeeping ($3/year for 12 issues). But if you looking for good deals and enjoy leisure magazines like me, look out Amazon for such good deals. Amazon often gives a $5 promo-credit a few months later after your earlier purchase and that is how I got my (12-issue, 1 year) subscriptions for so cheap. you call this impulsive shopping?

Thank you, FoodGal
I started following Food Gal late last year/early this year (my, what was I doing in the past?) and have been a loyal reader since. What brought us closer in addition to the fact that both of us are living in the Bay Area of California, was when I received this set of interesting recipe cards from one of her blog giveaways.

I love how Carolyn pens her blog. How can you not love it when a James-Beard award writer writes? And how can I not love it when a James-Beard award writer is on my cookbook? I feel so honored and privileged. Thank you so much, Carolyn for having the blurp up for me on my book. (I'm sending you one copy. Sorry for the delay. It will be after Labor Day). And if you are not subscribed to her newsletter yet, you should do it NOW! There is a "Pork-li-cious" Giveaway held in conjuction with signing up a friend for Food Gal newsletter.

How to enter the random drawing?
1. Sign up a friend for the Food Gal newsletter.
2. Send her an email at with the subject heading "New Newsletter Subscriber."  Include your name and email, as well as your friend's full name and email.

Deadline to enter is noon California time, Sept. 7. Winners will be announced in the next newsletter, Sept. 9. What are you waiting for?

Thank you, Mrs Mutlitasker
And look how gorgeous and cute this table mat is.

I won this in a recent giveaway at Mrs Multitasker. I was telling her how nostalgic this was to me, but with fresh new colors and elements injected. The two words I thought of when I saw the table mat: Grandma and Kettle. :D

Oh goodness, if I were to ever stop blogging these days, the only thing I will miss is YOU: Friends I have made through this blog, all my readers, all you fabulous and kind people.

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