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You must be super darn lucky if you order a clam dish, then each and every clam has its flesh still intact to the opened shell.

Clams sometimes detached from their shells in the process of cooking and can be found "swimming loosely" in the gravy, sauce or broth in which they are cooked.

In the event you picked up some clams (shells already "opened" - cooked), waiting to savor those juicy tender clams from the shells but OH-NO..."empty" clams shells, the clams are not there!!! Just sip the essence of clam-based gravy/sauce/broth from the shells...yes...but how nice it is if you can nibble on some sweet bursty corn kernels? That's a bonus. Lost and found. Lost something and found another?

This word: seafoodiness. Weird word but best describes clams - taste of the sea. Salty. Clams typically turn out savory in a dish so by adding sweet corn kernels, the balance of flavors leveled up.

Clam and Corn Soup [Recipe in The Everything Rice Cooker Cookbook].
How to start:

(A) Saute some onions and garlic in mix of butter and olive oil

(B) Add in clams and stir in well with the onions, garlic and butter. Add a few tbsps of water, cook (stirring occasionally) till clam shells opened (Note: A signal that the clams are cooked).

Cooking Tip (1): Overcooking the clams = "rubbery" clams. Not the texture you want to savor fresh clams. Dish out the opened clams (use kitchen thongs) and set aside in a bowl. Add in some sweet corn kernels to the broth with onions, garlic, remaining clam "juice" essence and continue cooking (and simmer) the broth for a few minutes. When the onions have turned completely tender, add in some herbs - oregano and basil and stir gently.

Cooking Tip (2): While simmering the broth with corn, onions and garlic; if you think there is not enough liquid, you can add 3-4 tbsps of whole milk/heavy cream instead of water. This adds richness to the light buttery broth.

(C) Ladle the broth over the clams and serve.

Cooking Tip (3): Alternatively, after turning off the heat, add the clams into the broth once again so that the flavors get accentuated, and combine as one. Dish out and serve immediately

Clam and Corn Soup (above) , Cabbage Tomato Soup (below)...

and there are a lot more soup recipes in my cookbook. These soups go to SouperSundays at Kahakai Kitchen.

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