Pot Racks - make better use of space

Look. That is how small my kitchen is right now.

Well in a leased apartment, I don't really care (Truth: I care but money speaks and the dollar sign decides). Smaller kitchen means: I spend less (less $, not less time) on kitchen tools and dishware since I do not have much cabinet space to keep and store them anyway. I digress.

Look again. Notice that empty "airspace" above the sink? I think it is in need of a pot rack. So that I can make space at my stove top (photo above) and de-clutter. Enclume pot racks is all about pot racks: hanging, wall-mounted, freestanding, even pot rack accessories.

My fantasy with pot racks begins with model showroom kitchens where hanging pot racks goes over an island in the kitchen. The signature centerpiece of the kitchen. Now I cannot imagine how practical that is with washed pots and pans still dripping water on the kitchen island top. Is there a catchment area for the dripping water if the pots and pans are not completely dry? I suspect a freestanding pot rack might be more practical. What do you think?

Though I am not in need of a pot rack right now, I am just fantasizing about pot racks of different styles and rack hooks of different designs. A lot of you with new homes and kitchens, I am not sure if Enclume Pot Racks is the source for you. It has a huge selection of pot racks and offers free shipping on all pot racks.