Rice Cooker Lemony Chicken with Onions and Herbs

My rice cooker cookbook at Amazon actually has one customer review? Oh wow. Good or bad, feedback is always good as a working cycle. To continue my rice cooker repertoire (soups, stocks, etc.) of recipes, here is another simple dish you could do - Lemony Chicken with Caramelized Onions and Herbs

Sounds easy and really easy.

Prolonged cooking of onions lending sweetness! Sweet, tender, caramelized. Herbs...aromatic.Squirts of lemon...citrusy. (Note: Cut 3-4 dices of smaller lemon wedges out of the regular lemon wedge to make it more "individualized" or "customized". One mini diced lemon per chicken tender strip. Isn't that good?)

For detailed recipe, refer to Page 171 of my rice cooker cookbook under "Chicken".

Basically, you need some chicken meat (your preference for thigh meat or breast meat), onions (lots!), dried herbs (mix of basil and oregano), sherry or white wine, salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste, lemon. Give the thinly sliced onions a good saute in the rice cooker till tender, and caramelized; add lightly-salt-and-pepper-seasoned chicken, and cook in the rice cooker. When chicken is almost done, add in wine and allow it to simmer till most of the alcohol has evaporated. Add in herbs and when chicken is done, dish out and serve with lemon. (Note1: You can cook this in a saute pan over the stove-top). The rice-cooker is always an alternative tool as I recommend, the complementary go-to kitchen gadget to every other kitchen equipment that makes up your kitchen.

Don't it look boring withOUT lemons?

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