Veggie Burrito, Tortilla-Wrapped Japchae

I did ask about Japchae leftovers the last time. Some of you were near spot-on, for example, on using the leftover as filling for spring roll. You are right on using it as filling - not spring roll but burrito.

You may have realized I am not a fan of Mexican food. Probably, the first Mexican food/dish (happens to be burrito) I have tried in California has totally wiped out my love. OK. My bad. I had it coming. Why Chipotle of all places? There are tonnes I can choose from but why there? I don't know. It was the most convenient for me at that time. See? Convenience breeds evil. I DO NOT like so much rice in a wrap (Errr...but I am ok with sushi). I DO NOT like beans and rice in a wrap. Maybe? You know I feel like I am eating a sandwich or some kind of bread or bun filled with rice and beans. It just makes you totally bloated and nothing else.

Or maybe it was also the salty culprit causing my own widespread bias?

BUT but but....when I tried filling my tortilla with Japchae - glass noodles with a medley of veggies, I like it! Spotted that lime above ? Just like how the lemon done great to the "herby-oniony" chicken, the lime is the winning factor over here. Makes a refreshing burrito!

It is not salty. It does not feel heavy on the stomach. Makes you full, but a feel-great fullness.

Maybe I was really not into finding out more about Mexican cuisine and I wish to learn more.

Must a burrito be filled with rice to be called a burrito?

If yes, I should just call this a tortilla-wrapped Japchae. Or an all-veggie-friendly "burrito"?

A perfect lunch on the go. A budget-friendly BYO lunch. A good-to-go kid's lunch box burrito.

The other time, I made Japchae as salad to SouperSundays  (a blog event accepting soups, salads and sandwiches) at Kahakai Kitchen. This time, to the same blog event is this salad-sammie!

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