Apple Celery Carrot Cantaloupe Chunky Juice

Occasionally, when things get too perfect, it may not be too good since it becomes too artificial. But if it is naturally perfect, then it is ok.

This juice is not as smooth (appealing) as commercial juices. Chunky because I did not filter the juice blend and discard the fibrous residue of the fruits after blending them in my Ninja Master Prep. I bought The Ninja Master Prep, three months ago from Costco. It was placed side-by-side the Magic Bullet but I recalled the Ninja Master Prep recommendation from Rasa Malaysia some time back, and decided to go with the expert. ^o^ . No regrets since I have been using my ONLY blender (cum food processor) to make fresh fruit (and veggie) smoothies. To me, smoothie makes it easier for me to adopt raw food as part of regular diet.

What did I make this time? Appcantacarelyorarasp Juice! Try pronouncing that! Ha ha....
I use: Apple (in season right now!). Cantaloupe (almost out of season soon). Carrot. Celery. Orange. Frozen raspberries.

Note:  If you find such a blend too "fibrous" for your liking, you can filter the fruit residue to get just the liquid juice (filtrate). To enjoy it with more substance, you can stir in whole-milk yogurt into the juice and make a healthy and fresh yogurt Naked.

Though it is officially Fall and into the cold Winter months next, I hope to have my smoothie ritual as often as possible. As long as I don't have the smoothie or juice too cold to-stomach, the "yin" (cold) and "yang" (heat) balance in the body should not be overly disrupted.

Coasters and muddlers, from wiffy@ . Thanks, wiffy.

Those in the tropics have it lucky. You can have smoothies/juices anytime. But for those surrounded by the four seasons, will you be drinking juices and smoothies in the cold Fall and Winter months?

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