"What to Eat" Marion Nestle - Kindle on the Web

POM - the wonderful juice not so wonderful afterall? Did you read this recent article by Marion Nestle?

Marion Nestle's "What to Eat" was one of the first books I read along my food journey. That was less than five years ago. Not that I was not interested way back in the past but I never took effort to probe into nutrition and food health till recently.

I also particularly enjoyed her chapters on food selection/grocery shopping. Oh just how "evil" those merchants can be when it comes to marketing their products. "The treacherous landscape of American supermarket", she calls it. Hey, it may apply to supermarkets over the world, not just America!

Knowing these dark little secrets, I have since became a smarter shopper e.g avoid the central aisle (mostly processed food); look high and low, not just the middle (eye-level) product shelves; read ingredients and nutrition labels smartly.

How about sharing one of your good grocery-shopping habits with us (looking for bargain counts!)?

Or share your favorite food-related book, excluding cookbooks/recipe books? ;p I would like to read some of your recommendations using Kindle on the Web. Thanks. Meanwhile, you can try reading "What to Eat" by Marion Nestle using Kindle on the Web (use the Scroll tab at bottom of reader to start from Page 1). Sorry but due to my blog layout, the reading might not be too pleasurable for you :O