Gifts for Coffee Lovers and my coffee routine

Are you a coffee drinker? I am. I drink it every morning - black, with some whole milk added. That is how I like it. It is instant coffee though. This is the coffee regime in my home. Instant coffee during the weekdays and slow-brewed French press coffee during the weekends. Well, we can only afford those few extra precious minutes over the weekend.

We have been using French press (the Bodum Coffee Press) to brew our coffee for a while now. Also known as the plunge pot, the French press is not expensive to own, does not need much counter-top space when in use, portable and easy to store, wash or clean up. Plus, it brews good coffee, in our opinion. But, we are no coffee connoisseurs.

A good brew to us, means, starting with good quality coffee beans. We usually stick to whole coffee beans - light roast (organic and fair trade if budget permits) and grind them pronto using Black and Decker Electric Coffee Grinder (with French press grind selection available on the grinder dial) when brewing starts. With such burr mill grinding, uniform grinding is obtained while preserving the delicate natural oils of the beans.

What is your idea of good coffee, or do you even drink coffee?