Green Tea Red Miso Soup - 绿茶红味增汤

Red Miso Soup for the wintery days? In preparation for the cold blast of rain ahead? That's not the point. It is about Green Tea. Huh? WHAAaat? *rub eyes*

As green tea (not water) was used to make this red miso soup.

If you use a tea infuser to brew your tea, how many times do you use that same tea leaves... for brewing cups after cups?
3-4 times? Tip: Well, towards the "last" brew of that tea, use the tea (instead of water) to make your miso soup (or maybe just any soup or broth). Why not?

Good use of leftover. Good way to have great tea benefits in the miso soup. The tea was not overpowering at all. I could not actually taste it in the soup. Next time, I will have a stronger brew in the same miso soup. It really depends on how you like it.

Green Tea Red Miso Soup - 绿茶红味增汤      
Ingredients: 1 - 2 cups of green tea; 1 tsp red miso; 1/2 pack of silken tofu; 1 tsp of dried seaweed, re-hydrated in cold water for about 20mins, according to packet instructions (Note: I used Hijiki Seaweed, you can use nori or others);  1 tsp of finely sliced green onions

Directions: Pour the "leftover" brewed green tea in a small soup pot and turn the heat to low. Separately but at the same time, prepare your teaspoon of miso over a strainer (strainer goes over a bowl). When the tea starts to warm a little, gently pour some over the miso, using a small spoon's gentle stirring action to dissolve the miso on the strainer over a bowl. Collect the "green tea-over-miso liquid" over the bowl, continuously using a small spoon to gently strain the miso over the strainer (refer Tips on using Miso below)  Return this bowl of green tea+miso mixture to the soup pot of warm portioned green tea, add green onions, add seaweed, add tofu and gently simmer at low heat (Note1: not necessary to have mixture come to a boil). When everything is combined and warm, ladle out and serve. (Note2: You can also set aside the tofu cubes, seaweed and green onions in a bowl, then ladle the warm green tea-miso soup over the mixture)

Tips on using Miso:
Do not add miso directly to boiling/simmering liquid over the stove and attempt to stir them in the cooking liquid. To ensure a "non-grainy" miso soup at the end, use a strainer to "filter out" or further break down the grainy bits of miso.

I am sharing this soup/stew with Souper Sunday at Kahakai Kitchen, My Meatless Mondays and Hearth and Soul.

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