Healthy Tasty Dim Sum Alternatives

Healthy Dim Sum for you and me! How about some Glutinous Rice in "Lotus Leaf" (糯米鸡 Nuo Mi Ji in Mandarin; also named Loh Mai Kai) using Black Glutinous Rice?

Healthy Alternative: Use black glutinous rice instead of the normal cream-colored glutinous rice. For the same calories, black glutinous rice is certainly more nutrient-dense. Where to buy: Organic Black Glutinous Rice (Organic Black Sweet Sticky Rice) - 1 Lb

Pre-fry the seasoned chicken and mushrooms with minced garlic, then steam with pre-cooked black glutinous rice in the steamer.

And healthy Dim Sum Chicken Siu Mai with Ground Chicken and Spinach?
from (The Everything Rice Cooker Cookbook (Everything Series), Chapter 3: Sensational Starters - Healthy Dim Sum Chicken Siu Mai, Pg. 32)

Better Alternative: Use organic ground chicken.

Easy Alternative: Use frozen spinach

Before steaming...

It's ready! Yums!

Which is your favorite Dim Sum item? Something you never fail to order when you visit a Dim Sum restaurant?

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