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If there is one aspect I need to be thankful to my food blog, it is the opportunity to try alternative (good) ingredients: a knowledge into natural wholesome food ingredients that I also wish to share with you. Throughout these years, especially since last year, this food blog has spun adventure in me at trying new ingredients; and in which my cooking morphed into one that emphasizes on whole foods, and minimal cooking, especially catering to those who desire to eat nutritious, healthy without sacrificing taste and without kicking up too much fuss in the kitchen. Some of the food ingredients were my first and subsequently turned out as regulars in my kitchen. Some of them are:

Kale - added to the repertoire of good greens such as broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts

Spaghetti Squash - included in the family of squashes such as butternut squash, acorn and pumpkin


and Quinoa - added as alternatives to my grains or "rice" (carbs) family

Sardines - sustainable and alternative high Omega-3 fish, to salmon.

Also, there are fresh lily bulb, chayote, loofah, celtuce, lettuce stem which I hope you learn about.

I have also tried Collard Greens last month. Then tried recently include newer grains/seeds such as hulled barley and amaranth. Let us venture into wholesome cooking together.

Tell me one new ingredient you have tried recently? Any of the above?

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