Collard Greens Noodle Salad Japchae

I tried Lacinato kale for the first time the other day. Well, the kale that I have been talking about and cooking with previously is green kale (with curly leaves). You know what? I may actually prefer Lacinato kale (flatter leaves) as the leaves cooked faster and more tender than green kale.

I digress.

It is about collard greens today.

Remember the stir-fry of collard greens I have done with cabbage previously?

Well, I have turned it into a one-dish noodle creation - kinda typical of my style. No surprise.

I used Wang Korean Sweet Potato Starch Noodle, the same noodle used for my home-style Japchae. And this "collard green noodle" actually carried some Japchae resemblance. Who knew there were collard greens in there?

The base recipe can be found here. Then toss in the veggies into the cooked noodles. This collard green and cabbage noodles will be shared at Presto Pasta Nights hosted at Maison Cupcake.

And certainly, I prefer kale to collard greens. How about you?

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