Oven-Baked Spanish-Style Shrimps

How do you usually cook shrimps? Steamed Shrimps? That is what I usually do. Easy-to-do and very delicious. When I saw this dish from Weave A Thousand Flavors, I went instinctively: Oh, I am making this! First, it sounds so easy (as easy as steaming)! Then of course, I love shrimps and they were available in my fridge. The other ingredients called for are also basic and I have them!

What am I waiting for?

When I look at other food blogs, I look for ideas; dishes that I can replicate or tweak a little using ingredients available to me at the very moment. Seldom will I see a recipe and intentionally find the ingredients for it. Either way, you can call me crazy. But that is how new recipes are created, if you ask me.

The ingredients for this Spanish-Style Baked Shrimps are really basic. Some good ol' shrimps (I used frozen and it worked well); garlic (lots!), olive oil, and cilantro (my substitution for parsley). The only ingredient that is extra/additional: red pepper chili powder (a little!). That is because I want that hint of spice amidst the garlicky taste. It kinda made it special too.

And...so...that dash of red pepper chili powder...

The base recipe is delicious to start with and believe it, so easy to make and what's better - the "no-stove" cooking that I definitely love. I will make this again.

I am glad to have this dish as a regular to my other easy shrimps recipes.

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