Did Dr. Oz wear a scrub?

Who looks best in medical scrubs? As far as I am concerned, it's Dr. Oz. Fortunately, I don't get to visit doctors and nurses often. The only time I get to see them is on TV. And those uniforms and scrubs really give the medical team of doctors and nurses a sense of professionalism.
What amazes me more is that scrubs and uniforms are not just boring scrubs and uniforms. There are jackets and accessories that may even "personalize" your uniforms. Well, you wear the same uniform as your colleague but you can definitely put on a different jacket or earrings that shouts your personality. For example, the Haddington Soft Shell jacket is perfect for the winter weather. Made of 100% imported polyester, this breathable and soft fabric of the soft shell jacket ensures comfort and warmth while you work during the cool weather. Even lanyards and earrings come with class. Made from semi precious stones, fresh water pearls and Swarovski crystals - the fine craftsmanship ensures long-lasting quality. As each piece of accessory as such is assembled, polished and hand made (not mass-produced), you may just find a unique piece that matches your personality at work.

Talking about the the blue sky medical lab coat which is custom milled to provide a wrinkle-resistant, teflon-protected 100% cotton fabric-feel for the body. With slimming cut and chic, designed to lengthen your silhouette...oh how I wish this lab coat was available ten years ago while I was working in the lab.