"All-The-Balls" Pasta Mushroom Balls and Meatballs

"All-The-Balls" Pasta! Sounds really lame, low-class, unruly crude or obnoxiously rude - a plate of bad words!

But it looks like it ? No?

Can you guess what those crispy balls are, among the other obvious-looking meatballs?
I was deciding between Sweet Potatoes and some of these Appetizers, when I had the chance to sample Alexia product as part of the Foodbuzz Tastemaker Program*. Finally, I chose this:

I thought these crispy bites would be great as a side to pasta dishes, or even on its own as snacks. Plus they are so finger-friendly petite! And since I would never ever cook my mushrooms this way (involves some kind of batter and deep-frying), I should just buy them ready-made.

It was all-balls-style pasta! The interplay of crisp mushroom-balls and tender-firm chicken meatballs was exciting.

But once the meatballs and mushroom-balls were bitten into and consumed - ha, they are all equal! Juicy inside!

*The Alexia all-natural product was received as part of the Foodbuzz Tastemaker Program. Thank you Foodbuzz and Alexia

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