Ginger-Sesame Oil Steamed Chicken

Lazy lazy lazy! Sorry to put you through such no-pride-cooking. Laziness can be a double-edge sword. Either you totally depend on take-outs and convenience food OR you devise new easy ways of cooking ALMOST...EVERYTHING. The parchment-steamed vegetables is one example of "leveraging on laziness". This is another example.

And because I chose good quality organic chicken, the natural flavors of chicken were allowed to shine. Organic chicken really taste better (the freshness, more flavorful)! Errr, or is it just me ?

I bought the organic chicken wings from WholeFoods Market. I usually request the butcher at the meat counter to carve the wings at the joints for me so that it is easier for me (half the food prep. done!) when it comes to cooking at home.
Ginger-Sesame Oil Steamed Chicken
Marinate the chicken with ~1tbsp soy sauce, 1 knob of finger-length ginger (down to grated ginger and juice - quite a lot of ginger here), pinch of salt and white pepper, 1tbsp cooking wine, 2tsp sesame oil, 1/2 tsp brown sugar.

It's prep time!

Steam for 20 minutes or more till chicken is cooked through.

About USD4.00 for 4 whole organic chicken wings + negligible cost on ginger, and seasonings.

So, the Ginger-Sesame Oil Steamed Organic Chicken - est. total = USD4.00,

with the Napa Cabbage and Barley Soup - est. total = USD3.80
1/3 Napa Cabbage(USD0.50); 1/2 organic tomato(USD0.30); 1/2 organic carrot(USD0.30); 2-3 stalks organic celery(USD0.50); hulled barley (USD0.30); 4 fresh shitake mushrooms(USD1.50); Others-onion, ginger etc.(USD0.40)

and Parchment Steamed Vegetables - est. total = USD3.00
1/2 organic bell peppers(USD0.75); 1 organic zucchini (USD1.00); Broccoli florets and stems(USD1.00); Others-garlic etc.(USD0.25)

2 dishes and 1 soup @USD11.80 (overestimation! I'm sure!) for blog event $20 Budget Meal. And note that if you go for non-organic ingredients, definitely going to be cheaper than USD11.80 to prepare this meal. :)

It "budgets" your time too. While you cook the soup, you can separately set the steamer to steam the chicken, then the vegetables. By the time you are done with the two steamed dishes, the soup is done too!

Home-cooked food does not always come pretty, but nutritious and delicious in simple preparation, with a taste of home - I would proudly say...YES!

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