Sunday, April 10, 2011

Beer-Infused Meat Sauce Pasta

With Fat Tire Ale* (also New Belgium Brewing Company's best seller beer), the decision was to fall back on a tomato-based pasta sauce which I have made before and re-making it with this beer. Remember that beef and beer is like the "bull" boosted by the booze.

Beer-Infused Meat Sauce Pasta
Ingredients: 1/2lbs of ground beef (grass-fed preferred); pinch of cumin seeds; 1/2 onion finely diced; 4-5 cloves garlic finely minced; 1-2 celery, finely diced; 1/2 small carrot, finely diced; 1/2 canned diced tomatoes; 1 fresh tomato diced; 1/3 bottle of beer; pinch or two of dried herbs (oregano or basil); dashes of red chili flakes; salt and pepper to taste, cooked pasta of your choice

Directions: Add a little oil in the pan, fry the meat till half-cooked, dish out and set aside. Toast the cumin seeds with the remaining oil in the pan, then fry the onions till slightly caramelized. Add the celery, and carrots, then the garlic and fry till the vegetables are slightly tender, then add the tomatoes, some water and allow the mixture to simmer. When simmering, add the beef back to the pan and allow it to come to gentle simmer again for the beef to be thoroughly cooked. Add the beer and continue gentle simmering for about 5-10mins, do a taste test and add the herbs, red chili flakes, salt and pepper according to the taste you prefer. Add the pasta to the sauce mixture in the pan and mix well for flavors to combine.

*The sampling of Fat Tire Ale (from New Belgium Brewing Company) was made possible as part of the Foodbuzz Tastemaker Program. Thank you Foodbuzz, and New Belgium Brewing Company