Daikon Fried Egg, Stir-Fry Veggies - Everyday Meal

There is no recipe or specific topic today. Just sharing the typical home-cooked fare at home; dishes that are enjoyed with steamed rice or plain congee. When more time can be expended, a few dishes will be cooked (e.g. Garlic Kale and Daikon Fried Egg) for one meal...

Garlic Kale: Organic kale stir-fried with garlic for 10 minutes or less, pinch of salt and white pepper to taste. USD2.00 for bunch of organic kale.

Daikon Fried Egg: Fried with green onions, shredded daikon, egg, soy sauce; salt and pepper to taste. USD1.50 for organic daikon + USD1.00 for 3 organic eggs = USD2.50

...while other times, different vegetables (when suitable) all appear in one dish, paired with steamed rice or plain congee, as another meal.

Stir-Fry Veggies with Mince: Stir-fry of organic ground chicken, organic kale, baby boy choy, organic carrots, garlic; salt and white pepper to taste. USD3.00 for organic ground chicken, baby boy choy, and organic carrots.

What is your typical everyday meal? A one-dish-do-it-all such as pasta -OR- entree with sides -OR- rice with side dishes? I "menu-plan" quite diligently during the week (excluding weekends) with ~three (3) one-dish complete meals of pasta/ (soup or stir-fried) noodles; and ~ two (2) meals of rice/congee with side-dishes. How about you?

Here is a USD7.50 (almost vegetarian) meal with rice or plain congee that serves two. This is for April - $20 Budget Meal with EGG as the specific ingredient for one of the dishes.

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