Cupcake on a Edible Stick

I just came across a news snippet over the Internet yesterday about the cupcake craze crumbling soon. Well, how could that be with the presence of such unique cupcakes? I am not a big fan of cupcakes as you all know; but objectively, I do think that Popsycakes - cupcake on an edible stick is quite an innovative cupcake.

Each Signature Popsy Cake is $5.00 - essentially a cupcake on an edible stick; and you can also create your own customized Popsy Cakes from their extensive menu. For glaze, you have a choice of  Chocolate, Vanilla Bean, Lemon, Hazelnut, Pistachio, Strawberry, or Red Velvet; for the edible stick, a choice of Dark Chocolate, White Chocolate, Mint Chocolate, Candy Coating, or Fondant; and
Stick. You also get to be creative with shapes and decorations. In other words, customize with your own creativity, and let there be fun in any gathering and make the next memorable occasion.

In order to perfect your cupcakes, Popsycakes currently distribute their cupcakes via pick up and shipping with least two to three days advanced notice prior to the shipping date or pick up date. Be sure to check them out. What's inspiring was also how Popsycakes was started - yes, by a budding baker/entrepreneur at the age of 16. With grandmother's guidance to baking, it is baking and business poised for success.